City of Charleroi

Charleroi's municipal vehicles equipped with the Telefleet geolocation solution

Initial requirements and challenge:

  • Reduce the cost of the vehicle fleet: reduce the number of vehicle operated by the city of Charleroi by monitoring their use or under-use
  • Monitor the services delivered by staff
  • Monitor and target the use of vehicles
  • Reduce the risk of theft

Solution implemented:

Teletracer telematics boxes installed in all field unit vehicles with:

  • Anti-start (Ignition lock) system using driver identification by Dallas key
  • Tracking every 30 seconds
  • Collection of information on vehicles with flashing lights, road sweeper rotating brushes, power take-off activity on cranes and excavator arms, etc.

Benefits following Telefleet's implementation:

  • Reduction in average speed
  • Reinforcement of the security of the city’s vehicle fleet and services
  • Reduction in operating costs and modulation of future investments according to actual overall needs

The press is talking about it:

  • Vers l'Avenir - Mathieu Colinet - 14/10/2010
  • RTBF-info - C. Loriaux - 15/10/2010
  • TeleSambre - televised news - 14/10/2010

RTL-TVI - 7 p.m.televised news - 25/10/2010


More information:

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